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Our world is full of choices, but sometimes when it comes to being eco-friendly it can feel like those choices become limited. Whether it be the plastic that come with our on-line shopping deliveries or the fact that body products seem to come in single use packaging that can feel inescapable. As a consumer we can feel bound by our products, and like an unfair burden was put onto us from the companies that don't always consider the eco-impact. We aim to provide you with an easy eco-friendly way to get great products AND protect our environment that puts most of the work onto us as the providers to take responsibility for our waste. We use reusable and recycle-able packaging and offer refills at discounted prices when you bring back our containers or donate old ones of your own. We are dedicated to our cause of bringing zero waste into retail.
Help us with our goal and support zero waste!
You Can Return Your Packaging!

Thats right! Our products come with a wide range of packaging. Paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, lots of stuff, but the best part is we will take all of it back! We sanitize and reuse our plastic, glass, and tin packaging. We reuse any paper packaging that we can but those that can't be reused get turned into more paper that we will use for future packages or if necessary recycled. We even accept back the ribbon tied to our products to use again on future orders or turned into eco-bricks! Want to learn more? 
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Tracey Hodgins

Hello Friends! I'm Tracey - Alex's MOM! I'm a Gen X-er that has just begun the journey into an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

I grew up in the 70s and 80s. During my childhood, we never heard about the many environmental concerns of today, save for a mysterious hole in the ozone Layer caused by using too many aerosols... which - given the hairstyles of the 80s made sense!!! 

Alex was the one who made me aware of my carbon footprint and dragged me (kicking and screaming, I might add) into the present - where I realized that even though I couldn't change the entire world, I COULD change my own habits. I started paying attention to my own habits and lifestyle and became more aware of how much each individual CAN contribute. I'm still a newbie - but just like anything new - I'm educating myself and learning as I go. I hope you will join us on this adventure of making even the smallest conscious decisions to support the healthy future of our environment. Thanks for visiting! Hope to hear from you soon!