What are Eco-Bricks?

On the surface Eco-Bricks are old plastic bottles that have been filled with bits of unrecycle-able plastic so compactly that they effectively become like bricks that can be used for furniture, planters, home construction, and tons of other projects. They have many benefits to them though aside from being usable garbage!

What are the benefits of Eco-Bricks?

There are plenty of benefits to turning your plastic garbage into eco-bricks! The obvious benefit is that it keeps us mindful of the waste we create and contains it in a sustainable way. Eco-Bricking is such an amazing way to dispose of the plastics that won't decompose and fill up our landfills. When non-recycle-able plastics go to landfills they create toxins and micro-plastics that leak into the ground and water, as well as release unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The eco-bricks take these forever-plastics and compact them into bottles, turning them into usable materials, while also containing all of the bad stuff from them and reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill or being incinerated. Aside from the environmental factors there are plenty of other benefits as well. For one plastic is a very useful material but we produce too much of it and are getting rid of it in an unsustainable way. The qualities of the plastic that make it hard to get rid of are the same ones that make it such a great building material.

What can I put into an Eco-Bricks?

Literally any non-recycle-able plastics! Popsicle wrappers, plastic bags, shrink wrap, those clam shell containers berries come in. All of it! In fact it's encouraged. We should all reuse and recycle where we can but anything else can go into the brick. 

How do you make Eco-Bricks?

The way you make eco-bricks is actually incredibly simple. Over time collect batches of the un-recycle-able plastic you use in a small box or container. Whenever you decide you'll have to cut it all up onto small pieces (loonie or smaller). Once you have the bits you simply put them into an old plastic bottle. This can be old pop bottles, cleaning product refill jugs, anything really, however I personally have found the best success with pop bottles. As your filling it all you need to do is take a stick of some kind thats long enough for your bottle and that fits through the top, and stuff the plastic down into the bottle. Trust me when i say you can fit way more plastic into a single bottle then you realize so really make sure when you're stuffing it that you're getting in as tight is it can go. If the plastic isn't compacted enough it might threaten the strength of your bricks, which isn't what you want if you intend on using them

What do I do with my Eco-Bricks?

There are tons of cool DIY projects you can do with eco-bricks and there are some organizations that build community projects and other such things that are starting to take them by donation. If you are wanting to start Eco-Bricking but don't have anything to do with them we also accept eco-bricks to use in our future projects as well!