We will take it all back!

For the most part our packaging is recycle-able, but there are some things that aren't. The good news is is that no matter what product or what packaging you received, we'll take everything back. The small cardboard box your bath bomb came in? Sure! The Glass candle holder that has some left over wax in it? Why not. The ribbon that was tying the bag together Absolutely! We will even offer you in store credit for majority of it as well! And, as a bonus, we will pick it up for you when we deliver your next order so you don't even have to actually bring it back! The other great news is that it doesn't even have to be our packaging. We will also accept other old containers and such from various other products so that we can sanitize and reuse as much as we can. We will accept things such as: cosmetic containers such as face lotion or serums, hair products bottles and pumps, old candleholders or other glass containers, jars, and so many other products. If you're interested in donating old containers and holders outside of an order click below.